First and foremost, I am a mama to my sweet Harlowe & Sullivan (the very beating of my heart!) and wife to Adam, the bones behind everything I do. I am a healer, a lover of nature and animals. An avid reader, a health nut (no surprise there), a sensitive spirit that can find the world, at times, rather heavy. 

My healing journey began during my early twenties, when I  started experiencing chronic symptoms, lasting well over a decade. With little to no answers from the medical community, the process of trying to find a ‘cure’ became exhausting — financially, mentally, and emotionally. 

I grew tired of the perplexed expressions and closing doors, so I finally took matters into my own hands.

I left my career in teaching and enrolled in the Naturopathic program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (*not licensed at this time). After graduating I still didn’t have all of the answers I needed for my own healing. I continued to scan the globe for information by delving into the functional/integrative world of medicine.  And slowly, I finally began to see the truth. 

Through copious amounts of research and interaction with some of the best functional doctors, researchers, and authors, I began to see how patterns of toxicity (and hence inflammation) were extremely common in almost all chronic symptoms and diseases. 

I began incorporating proper detoxification protocols and products into my daily routine, and combined with other diet and lifestyle factors, the veil of illness began to lift. I began to see how chronic, systemic inflammation — often caused by toxicity overload on our precious bodies — plays a significant role on our well-being.

After healing myself, I became determined to share with the world what I have learned. And that is what I intend to do. 

NaturoDetox was born from my story of healing, and I want you to have access to the information and products that can help you live the best version of YOU. 

Thank you for being here and believing in our story.

— Meghan Kennedy Brind